HackATL Co-Director Interview


My name is Naam Srisaard, and I’m a rising senior at Goizueta Business School concentrating in Information Systems and Marketing. I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand.

Tell us about your EEVM career.

I joined EEVM in the spring of my sophomore year. Back then I was interested in designing for EEVM, but I floated around in different roles and realized that I really liked executing creative ideas so I ended up in marketing. I started serving as the Director of Marketing and had a blast working with an amazing team to promote HackATL 2017, and that was when I realized that there really was something special about the energy of hackathons, so I stepped up to become a Co-Director for HackATL 2018.

What is your vision for HackATL 2018?

Definitely a platform for students from any background to be exposed to the world of entrepreneurship. I want HackATL 2018 to be an experience where students get to learn real skills, make lots of new friends, and come out of it with a clearer idea of what it means to go through the whole ideation process and become part of a startup. More specifically for Emory students (since our technology and creative departments aren’t so prominent), I want students interested in design and coding (who don’t necessarily want to major in these fields) to gain exposure to career opportunities in UI/UX, product design, and app and web dev through the workshops that we’ll be hosting throughout the weekend.

What words of wisdom do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs and HackATL participants?

Whether this is your fifteenth or your first hackathon, come to HackATL with an open-mind, LOTS of energy, and be ready to build a real business as this truly is a one-of-a-kind event that you wouldn’t want to miss!