Sponsor a Division

Your sponsorship will help HackATL continue to grow as a must-attend event for tomorrow’s innovators. Sponsorship will go directly towards providing HackATL participants with a unique experience and an inspiring environment, with the majority going towards prizes for our overall winner and four new specialized categories.


Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are widely varied. They encompass everything from Patagonia, which is doing business with an environmentally conscious eye to a non-profit such as the American Heart Association. We are creating a platform for the philanthropists who have a mission to change the world.  More information →

Health & Wellness

Health innovations are the need of the hour. We want to bring together an ecosystem of nursing, business, engineering and liberal art students to drive interdisciplinary solutions to solve today’s healthcare problems. More information →


Consumer Technology

The Consumer Tech Division of HackATL allows you to solve real world problems with the use of technology. Smart homes, digital purses, gaming and retail - we want you to combine your coding skills with the business plan so that you have a viable product or solution! More information →