OCTOBER 26-28, 2018




The HackATL 2018 application is LIVE! Apply now and join the movement.
Apps close Friday, October 19th, 2018. Results will be released on a rolling basis after October 20th.




With global climate change at our feet, the U.S. healthcare system in pieces, political unrest around the world, and complacent markets, impactful entrepreneurial solutions are critical. 

This year, HackATL encourages all hackers, hustlers and hipsters to bring to life ideas that cater to the world’s most pressing issues. Whether it be solving a lethal disease using VR, extracting energy from trees, or building an app for world peace – HackATL 2018 is the opportunity to explore next generation entrepreneurship amidst the brightest minds in the Southeast.

In the past, we have seen over 400 students from all over the country come together to solve the world's most pressing problems. 

With our 4 divisions, how would you like to change the world?







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HackATL was a life-changing experience for me as someone who has never had exposure to any form of hackathon before.
— Freshman student from Emory University
Met a lot of really cool people at HackATL. Everybody was here to learn and I think that’s the best part.
— Junior student from Cornell
HackATL is more than just a hackathon, or a business hackathon for that matter. It is where, for 3 days straight, students just go crazy with their ideas and have fun.
— Mentor, HackATL 2017
I learned more in 3 days than I ever did my entire semester. Definitely coming back next year!
— Junior student from Georgia Tech
I had an amazing time meeting new people and becoming friends with them. I loved talking to the mentors and entrepreneurs to learn from their experience.
— Freshman student from Northwestern

Current sponsors

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Whether you are a company, recruiter, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, college club, or non-profit organization, we'd love to work with you to make HackATL 2018 the best one yet.

Learn more about our sponsorship options: 

Please leave us a message with your ideas, and we'll contact you as soon as possible. 

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What is a business hackathon?

A business hackathon is a spinoff of the traditional Hackathon where hackers (developers & engineers), hipsters (designers) and hustlers (business-types) come together to develop a viable product/service and pitch it in a weekend.


What if I can’t code?

No business, design, or coding experience is required for you to participate in HackATL. According to Forbes Magazine, startups need three members - hackers, hustlers and hipsters. Whether you are a technical genius, a creative prodigy, or a practical business-type, there is a need for you.

This year, HackATL strives to not only be a platform for you to build a business, but also a venue for you to learn how to do that. We’ll have workshops in ideation, design, web dev, and pitching all throughout the weekend to help you bring your ideas to life.


Who can participate?

Current undergraduate and graduate students with a valid college ID. Recent grads must have graduated no longer than 6 months before HackATL. Everyone else is welcome to attend our panels and speaker events. If you are a high school student & wish to participate, please reach out to us at and we will try our best to cater to you.

*As HackATL is an event geared towards undergrads with the majority of participants coming from undergraduate programs, each team needs to have at least 1 undergraduate student for teams size 2-3, or at least 2 undergraduate students for teams size 4-6 to be eligible to compete. We require this to ensure fair competition in regards to work and industry experience levels. 

Do I have to pick one of the 4 categories?

Not a compulsion, but we highly recommend thinking about the categories as a way to be a more conscientious part of the society. While your idea does not have to revolve around any one category entirely, it is always great to give back in some form. Technology, Health & Wellness, Social Innovation, and Arts & Entertainment have all been a major part of the booming entrepreneurship industry and we encourage you to put on a social problem solving lens.



There will be amazing prizes! In the past we have had combined cash prizes of up to $10,000 and lots of in-kind perks for the winning teams. Stay tuned ;)

Who can I work with? How big can my team be?

Anyone - teams must have a minimum of 2 members and go up to 6. Make sure that every member in your team has designated roles & responsibilities - the more you treat it like a real business, the more manageable things will get as the event progresses.


Do you provide travel reimbursements?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide travel reimbursements for this year - but we are working hard to make it happen for 2019!

If your school provides travel reimbursements for such events, we will be more than happy to provide any supporting documents. Simply let us know at

What if I don’t have a team?

Then you are in the most normal and in fact, ideal situation! HackATL is a platform for you to collaborate and network with people of diverse backgrounds. Leverage our networking sessions on Day 1 (Friday 10/26) to find your ideal business partners!


What should I bring to HackATL?

Laptop, chargers, change of clothes, toiletries, electronic accessories, and lots of energy. Basically everything you’ll need to work for 3 days minus the food - we’ve got that covered for you.

Do not bring: Alcohol, drugs, pessimism - if an airplane won’t allow it we probably won’t.

What should i do if i’m traveling from another state or university?

Then that’s extra awesome! You may choose to find your own accommodations near Emory, stay at a friend’s place or AirBnB in Atlanta, or sleepover at the venue. If you plan to stay overnight, please let us know at so we can make sure we get you sleeping bags (free of charge).


Does it have to be a new idea?

It doesn’t have to be a new idea, but you cannot have any previous code, presentation materials, financial forecasts, or designs. Come with an undeveloped idea or be open to finding one.

What else is there to do besides the competition?

Games & team building activities (think Escape the Room), speaker events, entrepreneurship panels, workshop sessions & lots of food!


How do the competition rounds work?

All registered teams are going to pitch their idea and product to judges in the Preliminary round based on their competition category (Technology, Health & Wellness, Social Innovation, and Arts & Entertainment).

The top 2 winners of each category will receive prizes from each category sponsor, and they will advance to the Final round (a total of 8 finalists). Each team will pitch again to final round judges, and the top 4 teams will receive the grand prizes in order.

For both rounds, teams will be evaluated based on business feasibility, demo / product quality, and presentation (full criteria coming soon).