October 2-4, 2020

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Build a Business in 48 Hours

HackATL is the most prominent business hackathon in the Southeast, attracting 1,000+ students from top undergraduate programs across the United States since its establishment in 2013. This year, we want to extend the HackATL experience to as many students as possible. For the first time in our history, we will be hosting the event virtually via Devpost in order to ensure safety and accessibility for all involved.

The participants are given 48 hours to develop a prototype and pitch it to judges, angel investors, and venture capitalists. At HackATL, we aim to create innovative solutions that cater to the world’s most pressing issues. With your partnership, we hope to make this year’s HackATL the best one yet!

This year’s theme is Adventure is Out There. The goal is to encourage our hackers to explore the unconventional. Especially during these unprecedented times, we want to encourage our participants to develop breakthroughs that will tackle the challenges our world is currently facing—whether it be an app enhancing public health safety, a product advocating for social justice, or a platform connecting small businesses to their respective communities. Help us inspire next-generation entrepreneurship amidst the brightest minds in the Southeast and beyond.



“HackATL was a life-changing experience for me as someone who has never had exposure to any form of hackathon before.”

— Freshman student from Emory University

“Met a lot of really cool people at HackATL. Everybody was here to learn and I think that’s the best part.”

— Junior student from Cornell

“HackATL is more than just a hackathon, or a business hackathon for that matter. It is where, for 3 days straight, students just go crazy with their ideas and have fun.”

— Mentor, HackATL 2017

“I learned more in 3 days than I ever did my entire semester. Definitely coming back next year!”

— Junior student from Georgia Tech

“I had an amazing time meeting new people and becoming friends with them. I loved talking to the mentors and entrepreneurs to learn from their experience.”

— Freshman student from Northwestern

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